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Bio-Diversity Brown Roof 

TIGA Europe can advise on the best system for your project and work with you from design to supply to installation.

Creating a biodiversity green roof

Biodiversity can be encouraged by maximising structural diversity, varying the soil depth, using native substrates, and growing plant specifies that serve as larval hosts and food plants for insects.

Wild flowers carry a greater biodiversity value for the natural habitat. Varying substrate depths and consistencies will encourage a local habitat.

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Brown/biodiversity roofs serve several functions related to urban biodiversity. They act as stepping stones between nature reserves, such as parks on the edges of cities, and uncolonised habitats in the middle of the city.

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Brown Roof Benefits



1.   Creates stepping stones for         nature within our urban                 environment.

2.    Reduces the risk of flood

3.    Creates wildlife habitat!

4.    Increases oxygen levels

5.    Cost effective

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They provide a return area for plants and animals that previously inhabited an area that has undergone disturbance and development. They can also serve as permanent substitute habitats for Intervention Rule of the Federal Nature Conservation Act strives to achieve.

Brown roofs can support invertebrates such as bees, beetles, butterflies, moths, earthworms and snails, and vertebrae such as birds.

"Maintaining biodiversity is important for our survival, as well as all life on the planet"

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Seamless installation of green roofing at one of my properties.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Tiga and will Re-engage for future projects.

B Davies, 2023

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