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Living Green Walls

We can advise on the best system for your project and work with you from design to supply to installation.

We specialise in transforming indoor and outdoor spaces into captivating and sustainable oases of natural beauty with living walls. With our expertise in horticulture and design, we curate and install custom living green walls that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment and offer many benefits. 

Our dedicated team of skilled professionals works closely with our clients to understand their vision and specific requirements, ensuring that every green wall installation is tailored to their unique space and preferences. 

Living green walls are found most often in urban environments where the plants reduce the overall temperatures of the building. This provides increased sound insulation and reduced energy usage. As well as improving the overall look of the building. 

As well as the obvious aesthetic enhancement of the area, air quality improvements and carbon capture make these a living, breathing solution to combat the heat island effect and typical urban air pollution. Incorporating nature into the built environment creates welcoming and harmonious spaces promoting well-being, productivity, and a deep connection with the natural world. 

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Green Wall Systems

TIGA Europe can advise on the best system for your project and work with you from design to supply to installation. ​Example systems include:

TIGA TG Green Screen / Noise Barriers System (External use only)

Welded mesh trellis system designed to carry climbing plants and create a wall of vegetation. Facade required background waterproofing on buildings with a closed surface envelope. This relatively lightweight system can accommodate hedera, hornbeam, and beech plants.

Flexipanel System (Internal/External uses)

This lightweight modular system on flexipanels incorporating mineral wool substrate plates can be used to green curves and create internal and external corners.

Many varieties of perennial species are available with this internal and external system. The recommended irrigation system - leaky pipe auto-feed & web-based communications units are recommended to manage these natural barriers & green walls.

Why Choose TIGA?


Green living walls are particularly suitable for cities, as they allow good use of available vertical surface areas. They are also suitable in arid areas, as the circulating water on a vertical wall is less likely to evaporate than in horizontal gardens.

The living wall could also function for urban agriculture or urban gardening. It may be built as a work of architecture, or to create an aesthetically pleasing view, i.e. hide an industrial or service building, roadway or railway line.

Living walls may also be a means for water reuse. The plants may purify slightly polluted water (such as greywater) by absorbing the dissolved nutrients. Bacteria mineralize the organic components to make them available to the plants.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduce the effect of rainwater run-off & flash flooding

  • Reduction of dust and smog level

  • Decrease in noise pollution levels

  • Increase oxygen levels

  • Increased urban biomass

  • Rise in ecological habitat

Benefits Of A Living Green Wall


Seamless installation of green roofing at one of my properties.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Tiga and will Re-engage for future projects.

B Davies, 2023

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