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Irrigation Systems

TIGA Europe can advise on the best system for your project and work with you from design to supply to installation.

Water Management

Green Walls, in particular, depend on efficient irrigation systems to provide both moisture & nutrients at the correct intervals and at the desired levels to ensure the longevity of the vegetation. No compromise can be made regarding this element of the installation. Our irrigation systems are at the forefront of design and technical capability. 

Web-based  irrigation  

The advantage of a web-based irrigation system is internet-controlled irrigation. Live moisture data direct to smartphones, tablets, and computers provide ultimate performance from the vegetation system, living roof, or wall . Moisture sensors in the green wall or roof ensure that regular alerts are generated to the user immediately levels drop, nutrition runs low, or temperature drops below -2 degrees. 

Winterisation mode automatically removes water from drip lines - remains dormant until parameters return to safe operating temperatures.


  • Bespoke irrigation system designed

  • Web-base controlled

  • Rainwater harvesting & recycling

  • These systems can be incorporated with vertical & horizontal building envelope scenarios

More information

Please speak to our technical department should you need to generate a specification or need any preliminary data concerning our green roof or green wall systems.

Tiga - Colchester Zoo Irrigation layout

Why Choose TIGA?


Seamless installation of green roofing at one of my properties.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Tiga and will Re-engage for future projects.

B Davies, 2023

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