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Green Roofs

At TIGA, we can advise on the best green roof system for your project and work with you from design through to supply and installation.

Green roofs have been constructed for thousands of years, the most famous early example being the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They have also been used in traditional buildings such as the sod roofs of rural Scandinavia. Experimentation in the earlier part of the 20th Century found that green roofs required special waterproofing since roots were found to grow into what were typically tar roofs. 

Over the past three years, research and experimentation have occurred primarily in Northern Europe, where sophisticated waterproof membranes have been perfected, construction standards have been developed, and green roofs' environmental, economic and social benefits continue to be studied. With heightened environmental awareness, many places worldwide have become interested in green roof technology.


Types of Green Roofs


Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive green roofs are designed with minimal planting medium profiles and sometimes only a mineral substrate. The plants are normally mosses, succulents, herbaceous plants, and grasses, chosen for their ability to regenerate and maintain themselves over long periods.

Biodiverse Roof 1.jpeg

Biodiverse Green Roofs

Brown/biodiverse roofs serve several functions related to urban biodiversity. They act as stepping stones between nature reserves, such as parks on the edges of cities, and uncolonised habitats in the middle of the city.

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Green Roofs

Sometimes referred to as Roof Gardens, Intensive Green Roofs have greater planting medium depths in which any type of vegetation may grow, from lawn and groundcover to shrubs and trees.

They are often accessible to people and activities and often built in downtown areas with limited green space. 

What are the benefits of green roof systems?

  • Combats the "Heat Island" effect

  • Rainwater runoff, reducing flood risk

  • Longevity of waterproofing system

  • Reduces noise pollution levels

  • Heat islands

  • Creates a wildlife habitat

  • Improved thermal performance

  • Increased oxygen levels

  • Recycling of materials

  • Reduces smog and dust

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Why Choose TIGA?


Seamless installation of green roofing at one of my properties. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Tiga and will Re-engage for future projects.

B Davies, 2023

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