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Building Envelope

TIGA Europe can advise on the best system for your project and work with you from design to supply to installation.

The building envelope is a crucial part of the structural waterproofing element of any building.

Podium decks and inverted or traditional warm roof constructions are all viable scenarios for green roofs or roof gardens.

Having gained experience as a specialist structural waterproofing company on commercial property for over 15 years, TIGA Ltd is well-positioned to assist with the design process and provide specific detailing and performance data for all systems. TIGA Ltd also carries design liability (P.I.)

Building a roof garden system

Seamless systems are preferred beneath living roofs due to the waterproofed surface's seal. This creates a natural root barrier-this makes it impossible for the plant roots to cause any potential egress.

Asphalt, cold-applied liquid waterproofing, single-ply rubber and bituminous membranes are all available from our range. These products are either natural root barriers due to their seamless nature or chemically treated to negate root migration.

Every length is gone to-to avoid future problems. Once Tiga operatives have installed the new roof system, an electronic leak test or physical water dye test is carried out. When waterproof integrity is assured, the green roof layer structure can be installed while protecting the existing surface.



  • TIGA use only the best & suitable waterproofing systems as the sub-structure for Green Walls/Roofs

  • Electronically leak tested

  • We only use bio-degradable waterproofing systems

  • Up to a 20-year warranty for materials & labour

Waterproofing the building envelope is essential to preventing water damage, which can lead to costly repairs and even structural problems.

  • Prevents water damage: Water damage can cause several problems, including mould growth, structural damage, and electrical issues. Waterproofing the building envelope can help to avoid these problems and save money on repairs.

  • Increases energy efficiency: A well-waterproofed building envelope can help to keep the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This can lead to lower energy bills.

  • Extends the life of the building: A properly waterproofed building envelope can extend the life of the building by protecting it from the elements. This can save money on repairs and replacement costs.

More information

Please speak to our technical department should you need to generate a specification or need any preliminary data concerning our green roof or green wall systems.


Seamless installation of green roofing at one of my properties.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Tiga and will Re-engage for future projects.

B Davies, 2023

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