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Case Study
TFL - Woodlands Living Wall

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Living Walls Enhance.

Transport for London had a major issue on the A406 north circular. A 350m stretch leads up the junction with Golders Green Road. The gardens to the south were on a raised bank and were subsiding towards the busy stretch of road. The ironwork retaining framework was buckled, and regular surveys concluded that a new retaining wall would be built.

Bam Nuttall was the contractor who rebuilt and fortified the grass bank. The resulting structure was of thick concrete - this looked quite industrial in this location. Bam Nuttall contacted TiGA, proposing a lightweight living wall with a flexible rear panel system.

Works could only be carried out between 11pm and 5am, with noise restrictions! The works, including irrigation and all planting, were completed in 9no night shifts, and no complaints were received. The local community was very pleased, and the new 335 m2 living wall very quickly became a much-welcomed addition to the vista in this area.

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